Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It is more difficult than I imagined to try and work from home with a newborn. Not so much because he is difficult, because he isn't. In fact, he's a wonderful baby. But I can't seem to get two minutes together to work on creating a lesson plan or writing or working on my photography because he is so darn cute I want to be around him all the time.

But I need to work from home. It is a good portion of our household income as well as what keeps me grounded in my photography and writing. If I don't keep writing, I get rusty. If I get rusty, it will take me more time to write what would otherwise be simple personality profiles and book reviews. Not to mention how much longer it is taking to write my third book. When I write, I can actually write quite quickly, but I have to be able to sit down and work solidly for a few hours without interruption. I need to be able to get a momentum going and keep it fueled. The first thirty minutes of any writing situation I stumble along, but after that I fly for the remainder of the time I'm writing during that one sitting. So if I only get fifteen minutes here and there, I am understandably taking a lot longer to complete anything that I write.

But seriously, wouldn't you want to play with this little guy instead of working???

Note the drool. Classy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to Work

It has been a crazy and wonderful year. Since my last post, I have had another book published, another 2o or so articles, made wonderful new network connections in both publishing and education, and, most importantly of all, I have brought my son into the world. Needless to say, things have been very hectic, but I am eager to get back into a a more normal pattern.

I have been working since my son was two and a half weeks old. I know that sounds crazy, and it was, but I wanted to be able to teach this semester, as it is one of my very favorite things, and I either needed to start when the semester started or hold off on teaching until the Fall. With teaching opportunities so few and far between, it wasn't a bridge I wanted to burn, so I went back to work two days a week to teach.

Now, two months later, I finally seem to have a routine falling into place. I am writing again (I took a hiatus from writing for the end of the pregnancy and a brief maternity period) and am working on my third book, "Capture After Dark" which is a night and low light photography text that I am writing in collaboration with Philipp Rittermann with photographic contributions from Michael Penn and Kevin McCollister, all of whom I greatly respect as night photographers. I had another article published last month in Rangefinder and will be working on some more profiles later this year. And I wanted to get back into a more regular blog. I write all the time, but there is something liberating about having a more conversational tone and filling in my readers on what is going on in my life and in the lives of the photographers that I am in contact with.

At any rate, I'm back!