Friday, June 27, 2008

A Momentary Pause

There is a lot of turmoil in the air, a lot of questions about the future, about the instruction, about everything that has lead us to where we are now. We are a group of 6 now, having lost some wonderful minds and beautiful talents for a variety of reasons. But those that remain, the 6, the first 6 to move through the Brooks MFA program from the start, we are a unit stronger for the challenges that we have faced. We are bonded and connected. We are each unique, but also each a part of something greater that we all understand, though it needs not be put into words. Whatever it is that we have become a part of, we are not scoffing, not disrespecting, but accepting as a movement of 6 souls through a powerful and essential process. We are each stronger for having been one of the 6, each benefiting equally from the other 5.

The reason I am given pause is that the first year is rounding out. The first three studio classes and seminar classes are over now. Those with Tim Bradley and Jody Eng. Under their careful tutelage we have each whittled away our ambiguous chunks of creative energy and found the more focused, more pertinent form within. We have become fledgling artists more than we have ever realized we could be. Not something haughty or arrogant, but something essential and sharp. At times agonizing, at times invigorating, but always a pursuit of our own, unique, personal truths.

I can't lament the loss because of the growth and resounding progress we have each made. I wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world. For the first time in a very long time I feel as though I am on the way towards doing something truly great, something meaningful and powerful. And no matter what comes at us as we move into the second year of this remarkable program, we are still the 6. No matter if one has moved to Santa Cruz. No matter if some are nervous about the second year. No matter if all will eventually scatter in the winds. We are a unit stronger for having been together already, and nothing will ever change that.