Monday, July 13, 2009

The Final Countdown

Okay, now I have that song in my head. As well as images of G.O.B. and his dance to the song from "Arrested Development." Ah, yes. So much fun.

At any rate, that is hardly the point of my blog.

I have been having trouble as of late finding the motivation to work on my final document, to shoot the remaining images that are milling around in my brain, and to continue down this path to my final destination - that of graduating with a terminal degree.

For some reason, this weekends class lit a fire under me. The class itself was brief, but we got some very important information that we have all been waiting for and needing for a long time. We now know when the shows will hang, who will be hanging when, and what the final criteria are for finishing out the program. I will be hanging with some phenomenal photographers at the end of September, with an official gallery opening on the first Thursday of October. Two and a half months away. This is it, people. This is what it is really all about.

My goal with my document is to have it completed one month prior to my hanging. (At least the first draft for my committee to review.) This means that I have one and a half months to get my literature review done, written, and learned from so that I can take more images and write the bulk of my document about my work, my show, and my journey.

This is exciting. I was very jumpy and giggly all day. I was talking too quickly. I was smiling too broadly. Everything comes down to this. Everything. The last three years. My sacrifices, triumphs, failures, obstacles, ups, and downs have all lead to this. We are nearing the end of the journey and preparing for the launch into the post-academic phase. I am excited for the first time in months, possibly years. I feel accomplished. I feel alive. I feel ready.

Also, I want to write a Manifesto.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello World!

I have now officially been published in a real, live magazine.

Lifelong goal, accomplished.

You can read the entire article, and see the images, here.